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We operate 12 Interenational share houses in Kobe. 01-MARCHE 【Rich everyday life in a bustling city】Large-scale share house with coworking space, facing a lively shopping street. Futaba-cho, Nagata-ku, Kobe City 9 min. walk to Shin-Nagata Station5 min. walk to Komagabayashi Station Available to all gendersMax. 12 persons 02-VISTA 【Japanese-style resort with a superb view】Japanese style share house overlooking Kobe city. Each room is an average of 12㎡, and the house is spacious. Sanno-cho, Hyogo-ku, Kobe City 4 min. walk to city bus stop Ishiibashi stop 20 min. walk to Okurayama Station Available to all gendersMax. 6 persons 03-Sopra 【Let’s walk looking up】Surrounded by wooden furniture,… Read More »HOUSES-us


Project-01 Suzurandai Station Building Regeneration Project Suzurandai, Kita-ku, Kobe. It was once said to be Karuizawa in Kansai (the most famous villa in Japan). Now in a lonely town where vacant houses and stores stand out. .. ..The building “Suzuran Excel” located in the center is a large building with a total floor area of 1090 m2, located a 1-minute walk west of Suzurandai Station.We acquired this building in 2019 and are working on the renovation of the building.This building, which once prospered as a sushi restaurant, curry shop, clinic, pharmacy, etc., has become a symbol of this lonely city with 5 out of 7… Read More »Project-us


Q1:What is a share house ? It is a rental house with a shared common space that everyone can uses, apart from your own room. Water supply and utilities are included in the share house. I think you will be able to spend a lot of time with people you can’t meet in your daily life and discover many new things. You can exchange greeting, such us, good morning, good night, and thank you, with many people. Q2:Are there a private room in the building? All rooms in this share house are private rooms with keys. In addition to private rooms, we also have individual… Read More »Q&A-us