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01鈴蘭台駅前ビル再生 神戸市北区鈴蘭台(すずらんだい)かつて関西の軽井沢と言われたこの街は空き家、空き店舗が目立つ寂れた街に。。。 その中心に位置する築古ビル「すずらんエクセル」 かつて寿司屋、カレー屋、医院、薬局などで栄えたこのビルも、2019年現在7区画中5区画が空いており、、寂れたこの街の象徴となってしまっています。。。 時は令和。昭和、平成と2時代を歩み、人々の生活の一部として使われたこのビルをもう一度蘇らせたい。そして鈴蘭台の街がにぎわいを取り戻すきっかけとしたい。 そんな想いでこの「すずらんエクセル」を再生します。 2020年7月現在、空区画の一部は地域のサロンとシェアハウスになり、残りは3区画となりました。 02シンママハウス Modern society is hesitant to give birth and raise children. One of the reasons is “I have seen parents struggling to raise children.”ToTherefore, we opened a share house exclusively for single mothers, which is especially hard to raise children. The concept is “to reduce the burden of parents raising children, increase the number of smiling mothers, and have children grow up in a warm environment and feel the importance of their families.” Each room on the 2nd floor is rented out to single mothers and children, and the 1st floor is a play room for children, a… Read More »Project


Q1:What is a share house ? It is a rental house with a shared common space that everyone can uses, apart from your own room. Water supply and utilities are included in the share house. I think you will be able to spend a lot of time with people you can’t meet in your daily life and discover many new things. You can exchange greeting, such us, good morning, good night, and thank you, with many people. Q2:Are there a private room in the building? All rooms in this share house are private rooms with keys. In addition to private rooms, we also have individual… Read More »Q&A