The building used as a villa was renovated in June 2020 under the theme of “Japanese resort with a superb view. Although it is located near the center of Kobe, you can enjoy the rich nature and calm atmosphere. And, as the name suggests, it offers a panoramic view of Kobe’s sea and nightscape.

The living room was made spacious by boldly taking out the walls. Such an environment and interior are popular among foreigners, and you will enjoy a cosmopolitan lifestyle. Private rooms are spacious, with an average size of 12 square meters. You don’t need to worry even if you have a lot of luggage.

From the bus stop, a 5-minute walk away, you can go to Kobe Station or Sannomiya with just one bus. A well-stocked supermarket and shopping district are a 7-minute walk away, making it a very easy area to live. The NATUER STUDIO, a complex facility with an aquarium that was renovated from an elementary school, is now open in the neighborhood, making this an area that is currently the focus of much attention.








1-5-12 Sannocho, Hyogo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture


20 minutes by bus from JR Sannomiya Station
15 minutes by bus from JR Motomachi Station
15 minutes by bus from JR Kobe Station
22 minutes on foot from Minatogawa Station on the Kobe Municipal Subway

There is a house in the back of the Hirano shopping district, just northwest of the center of Kobe. You can also go to the center by bicycle, and the Kobe Municipal Bus, which has 4 to 11 buses per hour, is convenient.


Convenience store (Lawson) 10 minutes walk
Supermarket (TOHO store) 9 minutes walk 5-minute walk from Minatoyama Onsen (natural hot spring)
Hirano shopping street (liquor store, bakery, restaurant, massage shop, bank) 7 minutes on foot


15 years of age or older (Minors must sign a contract in the name of a parent or guardian) 
Regardless of gender
Foreigners welcome

Please present your ID (passport/resident card for foreigners) and emergency contact information when you move in. In addition, minors need parental consent form.


Living room, kitchen, kotatsu, dining table, TV, microwave, hammock, various cooking utensils, toilet, powder space, washing machine, clothes-drying space (with roof), refrigerator, garden, veranda, free internet


Each share house has a caretaker to support your daily life. The management company cleans the rooms twice a month, but please be sure to clean the room each time you use it. Also, unlike share houses where the management company and owner are separate, this share house allows you to speak directly with the owner, so improvements can be made smoothly.

Sharehouse events include welcome parties, farewell parties, fireworks, barbecues, etc., but many of them happen accidentally because of the common hobbies with sharemates. We recommend that you leave yourself in the flow with an open mind and try various things with your sharemates.

One of the advantages of a share house is the initial cost. The initial cost is only 11,000 yen. A desk, chair, and bed are also provided, so you can spend a reasonable price even during a short stay.

Family and friends are welcome to stay ♪ When you stay, please contact the common line group in advance. Please pay 500 yen per night. Family members and friends should also say hello to other sharemates. It is better if you have souvenirs for your sharemate.

Flow of moving
Those who wish to move in are kindly requested to have a preview including an interview. We want you to know the concept and atmosphere of each share house. Then, we will talk to you briefly and move in to those who thought “I want to live!” *Presentation is not mandatory for foreign residents.



3.Deposit payment

4.Determination of move-in date

5.Signing of contract, payment of monthly rent


The above is the basic flow. We respond flexibly according to your situation.