Company name Machiake Inc.
CEO Hirosumi Hayashi
Mission Creating a space that supports the heart of a lifetime
Vission Give a smile to the 22nd century
Value Face “thoughts and thoughts” and never run away from them Creating a space to broaden your horizons and continue your actions
Capital 1million yen
Address 4-9-16 Noikemachi, Nagata-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture
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Tel 050-3743-8206
More Share house management, tenant property management, real estate consulting, coworking space management


■Misato Tamai(Precident) 

Born in 1988. I am a mother of two children. My hobbies are Indian food and visiting restaurants.

Messege▶ Utilizing the experience of operating shopping centers in Kobe and Tokyo, we will consider how to make the residents enjoy their lives and operate them. In Tokyo, I was a manager at a large shopping center called Atre Kichijoji.

We will manage it with the hope that new encounters at the share house will enrich your life.


Born in 1989. 8 years living in NY. My hobbies are cooking and insects. Mother of two children

Message▶ I am in charge of the operation and management of the share house. I am flexible so that I can provide you with a fun and comfortable share house life. In addition, we are trying to guide you to eliminate mismatches after you live.

■Jiro Kumakiri 

Born in 1979. My hobby is carpenter. Owner of Sharehouse365.

Message▶ I’m in charge of remodeling and repairing share houses. Once you build a building overseas, you will continue to use it for over a century. While performing the necessary maintenance, we will remodel the house as it is.

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■Yuta Kotani 

Born in 1993. My hobby is Architecture. Owner of Sharehouse MASH.

Message▶ I am doing architectural design and design for share houses. One of my strengths is that by running a share house myself, I design with consideration for management.

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