Company name Machiake Inc.
CEO Hirosumi Hayashi
Capital 1million yen
Address 4-9-16 Noikemachi, Nagata-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture
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More Share house management, tenant property management, real estate consulting, coworking space management



Share house owner. Father of two children. He is good at recreating smoldering people and things. My hobbies are traveling abroad, visiting restaurants and history. It is worth living for people who live in a share house to spend their days shining their eyes.


Share house manager. Single mother with one child. First of all, try anything with the motto of trying. He himself runs a share house dedicated to single mothers, “Happy Shinmama Home”.


Share house manager. An unsung hero who regularly cleans the share house.


Anything involved in many share houses. Representative of “The reproduction plan”. Any equipment troubles will be dealt with! He is also a share house owner.


Designer involved in the design of many share houses. Representative of the “Chiisana Institute of Architecture”. He is also a share house owner.