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Tel 050-3743-8206
Company name Machiake Inc.
CEO Tomohiro Tamai
Mission Create a space where you can feed your heart for a lifetime.
Vission Give a smile to the 22nd century
Value Respecting the Heart’s Desire
Capital 1million yen
Address 4-9-16 Noikemachi, Nagata-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture
More Share house management, tenant property management, real estate consulting, coworking space management


■Tomohiro Tamai(Tomo, President) 

 After living in a share house and immersing myself in an environment where I could slowly make friends with many different people over time, I was able to lead a very rich life, which is why I started managing the share house myself. I try to operate in a way that not only cheerful people but also shy people can enjoy. If you are at all interested, please come and visit us.

Things: Talking honestly, playing games, eating delicious food, sleeping with children, walking in nature
Food: curry, grilled meat
People: Vegeta, Zhuge Liang Kongming

【I am not good at】
Things: Places with a large number of people, listening to a conversation, cleaning.
Eating: Pickles, vinegared foods.

 【Towns I have lived in】
Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture, Kyoto City, Kusatsu City, Shiga Prefecture, Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture, Kobe City, Itabashi Ward, Tokyo

Born in 1985. Graduated from Kyoto University School of Public Policy.
After working for a railroad company in Osaka for 12 years, started his own business.

■Miho (Management Staff)

  • Greetings

 It is nice to meet you. I came from Nagasaki to move to Hyogo. I don’t know anyone or the area, so I decided to settle down in a share house first and decide on a new place to live. When I was looking for a place to live, I came across the share house, and that is how I came to work here at Machiake.

 There are as many ways of life as there are people. I share a part of that with people I happen to meet. And then, they will be able to use it as energy for the rest of their lives. I would like to enjoy this experience of the feeling of touching each other’s sleeves and create a comfortable environment for the people who live in this house.

  • Characteristics.

I’m a loud person who laughs a lot.

I’m a disciplinarian, so once I start cleaning, I can’t get out of it.

Things: Staring at my horoscope, coffee shop time, karaoke, walking.

Food: Pears and wax gourds.

  • I am not good at

Things: Going out in public, losing one’s voice, giving ideas, crowds make me want to run away.

Food: Pudding, persimmon

  • Others

Born in 1989.

After working in restaurants for 6 years, I moved to Fukuoka, Hokkaido, and Shizuoka for a short time while changing jobs.

■Rika(Planning staff) 

Born in China and raised in Japan, and neither purely Chinese nor purely Japanese, I used to have a great deal of trouble with my “identity”. What kind of person I am, what I want to become, what I am living for, and what kind of life I want to lead in the future. 。。。。。 While I was struggling with this, I met many people and strangely enough, without knowing it, I changed myself to be stronger and more confident than I expected. Some encounters changed my life. Thank you so much! I think a share house is truly an unknown and wonderful “place to meet people”. I look forward to meeting many wonderful people through the charm of Machiake Sharehouse, which can provide comfortable and livable rooms.

★Towns I have lived in
Shenyang City (Liaoning Province in the three northeastern provinces of China, where the Manchurian Incident took place), Shenzhen City (Guangdong Province in South China, where yams are delicious), Kobe City (Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, famous for Kobe beef)

★A Moment of Relief
I have two golden retrievers. When I pet my dogs slowly from the head. When I say “Ote” and squeeze their big hands.

Collecting tableware. I collect lovely tableware from all over the world and have a room in my house dedicated to them.

★People I am grateful to
My parents

★People I dislike
People who lie

★Laws I like
Law of Cosmic Attraction

Muscle training, traveling

★Dislike & Smell
Sewing, kitchen highlighter smell

Bright, positive thinking, action-oriented, inquisitive.

■Jiro Kumakiri 

Born in 1979. My hobby is carpenter. Owner of Sharehouse365.

Message▶ I’m in charge of remodeling and repairing share houses. Once you build a building overseas, you will continue to use it for over a century. While performing the necessary maintenance, we will remodel the house as it is.

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■Yuta Kotani 

Born in 1993. My hobby is Architecture. Owner of Sharehouse MASH.

Message▶ I am doing architectural design and design for share houses. One of my strengths is that by running a share house myself, I design with consideration for management.

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