This share house is a renovated wooden Japanese-style building from the early 20th century. All rooms in this building are tatami mat rooms, so you can live your daily life while feeling the warmth of nature that is unique to Japanese-style architecture.

The name ” Co -Michi” has the meaning of three Japanese words: “michi” (未知unknown, 満ちfull, and 道way), which means “to be full of heart (in Japanese “心Co -coro”) in the unknown world of share houses,” and “to be a small way for good Japanese building to be preserved for future generations by making use of this building.”

The nearest stations are Nagata Subway Station and Kosoku Nagata Station, about a 10-minute walk away. And It is also conveniently located just a minute’s walk from the bustling Nagata Jinja-mae shopping street and a supermarket.

We recommend this share house for those who would like to live in a Japanese-style building, which is rare in Kobe. Please come and take a look.









・8 min. walk to Nagata Station on Kobe City Subway Seishin-Yamate Line

・10 min. walk to Kosoku-Nagata Station on Hanshin-Kobe Highway Line

*Access to the center Sannomiya

・8 min. to Sannomiya Station from Nagata Station on Seishin-Yamate Line

・15 min. to Kobe-Sannomiya Station from Kosoku-Nagata Station on Hanshin-Kobe Highway Line


・4 min. walk to grocery store Gurume-City Nagata (Daiei, Celia, many other stores)

・7 min. walk to Nagata Public Market Shokuyukan

・12 min. walk to shopping center Life Nagata

・1 min. walk to grocery store Co-op Kobe

・3 min. walk to Lawson Kobe Nagata-cho 5-chome store

・4 min. walk to Nagata Jinja-mae Shopping Street (many stores)

・2 min. walk to Kobe Nagata 5 post office

・4 min. walk to Nagata Shrine

・10 min. walk to public bathhouse Yueebu-Nagura


Ages 18 to 40 years old

Available to all genders

Foreigners welcome

When moving in, please present your ID (passport/residence card for foreigners) and emergency contact information. Minors must also have a guardian’s agreement (guarantor’s signature).


Common areas: A relaxed Tatami dining room / A kitchen where cooking is fun. We have prepared an environment that is fun alone and even more fun with others.

Facilities: Fridge/microwave/toaster/electric kettle/vacuum cleaner/washing machine.

Each room: Air conditioner/ futon bed frame/ desk and chair.


We have one manager at each share house to support everyone’s lives. Also, unlike a share house where the management company and the owner are separate, we are a share house where we can talk directly with the owner. We can respond smoothly. Cleaning is done on an on-duty basis. Clean it carefully so everyone can use it comfortably.

Sharehouse events include welcome parties, farewell parties, fireworks, barbecues, etc., but many of them happen accidentally because of the common hobbies with sharemates. We recommend that you leave yourself in the flow with an open mind and try various things with your sharemates.

One of the advantages of a share house is the initial cost. The initial cost is only 11,000 yen. A desk, chair, and bed are also provided, so you can spend a reasonable price even during a short stay.

Family and friends are welcome to stay ♪ When you stay, please contact the common line group in advance. Please pay 500 yen per night. Family members and friends should also say hello to other sharemates. It is better if you have souvenirs for your sharemate.

Flow of moving
Those who wish to move in are kindly requested to have a preview including an interview. We want you to know the concept and atmosphere of each share house. Then, we will talk to you briefly and move in to those who thought “I want to live!” *Presentation is not mandatory for foreign residents.



3.Deposit payment

4.Determination of move-in date

5.Signing of contract, payment of monthly rent


The above is the basic flow. We respond flexibly according to your situation.