Q1:What is a share house ?

It is a rental house with a shared common space that everyone can uses, apart from your own room. Water supply and utilities are included in the share house.

I think you will be able to spend a lot of time with people you can’t meet in your daily life and discover many new things. You can exchange greeting, such us, good morning, good night, and thank you, with many people.

Q2:Are there a private room in the building?

All rooms in this share house are private rooms with keys. In addition to private rooms, we also have individual storage spaces around the kitchen.

Q3:Are there any inconvenience when you have to share a bathroom, shower or toilet with other people?

We have prepared shared facilities for each house and individual residents. In addition, some residents who have different lifestyle rhythms, have a few troubles due to overlapping times. Because of such people, we try to make a schedule for the night and early morning when it tends to be crowded, and also to clean it after use.

Q4:What is the difference between International Sharehouse and other sharehouses?

International Sharehouse has three concepts that are different from other sharehouses, based on the idea that “rich everyday life will be a memory and lead to growth and dreams.”

First is to provide an opportunity to discover and progress your dreams through encounters and coexistence with people from different backgrounds such as foreigners.

Second is being able to comfortably spend teleworking and relaxing time in a fashionable space.
It is run by a company that has multiple share houses and coworking spaces, and there are various opportunities for interaction in addition to the share house that is the residence.
Lastly, we will do our best to support you so that your irreplaceable life will be richer and full of memories of laughter and enjoyment.

Q5:What attributes do people live in a share house?

The approximate percentages are as follows. (As of June 2023)
Working people: Students 65%: 35%
Japanese: Foreigner 50%: 50%
Male: Female 50%: 50%
Age: Late teens to Late 50s
Also, there are people who started a business, found a marriage partner, or started a share house by themselves, mainly because they lived in a share house. We are proud that many people have sought some kind of change and realized it.

Q6:What is the management system like?

We have one of the residents as the manager who work together to improve the share house. Specifically, we have you manage the garbage disposal duty and equipment. In addition, the manager of the entire share house will ask about various other consultations. Cleaning rules differ depending on the house, so please ask for the details.

Q7:What are the main cleaning and garbage disposal rules?

Our company and the manager of each share house will clean the common areas. It will be held up to 4 times a month depending on the number of residents. Of course, please clean the place you have polluted by yourself.

We have a duty system for taking out trash.

Q8:What kind of shared facilities are there?

The shared facilities are the kitchen, bathroom, shower, toilet, washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioner, TV, iron, microwave oven, etc.
We also prepare frying pans, pots, plates and cups.
In addition, a security camera is installed at the entrance for crime prevention.
Since the equipment and quantity of equipment installed vary depending on the property.
We recommend that you check directly when visiting.

Q9:What is in the private room?

There are differences depending on the room, but basically we have desks, chairs, hanger racks, beds, and air conditioners. The private room can be locked with a key.
Mattresses and futons are not provided from the viewpoint of hygiene, so please bring your own. Some beds have a mattress integrated, so please check before moving.
It is recommended that you check directly at the time of the tour as the equipment and quantity provided will vary depending on the property.

Q10:Can I bring my family, friends into the room?

You can invite your family, friends to your room. Please be sure to notify the group line in advance to ensure safety, security and security.
If they are staying for the night, we will charge 500 yen per person per night. Please pay the fee on the rent payment date from the previous month to the next rent payment date of the current month at the time of the rent transfer.

Accommodation is defined as a stay of at least 3 hours, including midnight to 7 am.
Example: Stay from 10 pm to 2 am ⇒ Accommodation
Stay from 5 am to 9 am ⇒ Accommodation
Stay from 3 am to 5 am ⇒ Not accommodation

Also, when using the shared area, please consider greetings to other residents and bringing souvenirs.

Q11:Please tell me the procedure to move in.

First of all, we would have you visit once. You can also visit online. Since there are multiple share houses, we may ask you to do a hearing on Zoom before the tour, so as not to waste your time.

If you want to move in after that, please let us know and transfer the reservation fee to hold the room.

As with other rental housing, in addition to the examination based on the economic situation, we will observe the rules of the share house and examine whether you can communicate smoothly with other tenants. Please understand that we cannot answer the specific reason in the event of decline, as a result of the examination.

If you meet this requirement, please confirm with us before transferring the deposit.

Formal occupancy will be decided when the contract is signed. Even after the deposit has been transferred, we may refuse your move in before concluding the contract, if a false report or a matter that damages the trust occurs from the above viewpoint. In that case, the reservation fee received will not be refunded in principle.

Q12: When can I make a reservation?

As a general rule, reservations are accepted one month prior to move-in.

 For example, if you make a deposit on 3/15, we will reserve a room until 4/14, and if you are scheduled to move out on 3/28, we will reserve a room until 4/27 after confirming with the person who is scheduled to move out.

 If you make a reservation more than one month in advance of your desired move-in date, we will reserve one of the rooms in the house for you as long as you pay the deposit.

 You will be asked to select a room from among the rooms available or scheduled to be vacated one month prior to your move-in date. At this time, it is also possible to specify a different house from the one you had originally planned.

 For example, if you want to move into Sopra on April 1, 2024, and you have paid the deposit in 2023, you will be assigned to one of the rooms, but you cannot be assigned to a specific room. However, if you have a room that is confirmed to be vacated during March 2024, you can still secure a room before March 1.

 The reason we do it this way is that many of the residents in our share houses are short-term residents due to the duration of their visas, and there is a turnover of residents about once every two months in each house. However, you will not know which room you will be moving out of until that time, and sometimes people who had originally planned to move out may postpone their move due to various reasons. Therefore, we have never been unable to secure even one room in a house, but it is often difficult to secure a specific room. Also, although this has never happened before, in the unlikely event that we are unable to secure a room in the house of your choice, you may live in another house until there is a vacancy in the house of your choice.

Q13:Can I move in on the day of the preview?

You can move in, but as mentioned above, there will be a review.

Q14:Is it possible for multiple people to live in one room?

Considering the comfortable use of the shared space, up to 2 people are allowed.
For the second person, an additional 14,000 yen will be charged every month as a common service fee.
Common service charges include utilities (gas, water, electricity), Wi-Fi, and household equipment.
Depending on the share house or room, it may not be possible for two people to move in, so please check in advance.

Q15:What are the expenses (initial cost and rent) for moving in?

The following payments are required by the time you move in: (1) Reservation Deposit, (2) Administrative Fee, and (3) Rent and Common Area Maintenance Fee for the first month and the following month. The amount and timing of each payment are as follows.

Reservation Deposit (= Security Deposit)
20,000 yen / once at the time of reservation
⇒Reservation Deposit will be applied to the Security Deposit after moving in. Once the deposit is received, the next person who wishes to move in will not be allowed to move in, and the deposit will not be refunded in the event of cancellation.
Credit card payment is available (4% commission). The price may be charged for shorter stays.
Administration fee
11,000 yen/first time only. Payment must be made by the time you move in.
Credit card payment is available (4% commission).
Rent and common service fee
First month’s rent (daily rate) and common service fee (daily rate) and the next month’s rent and common service fee must be paid by the time you move in.
Credit card payment is not available.

Q16:Are the expenses for water, utilities, Wifi usage fees and consumables included in the monthly payment?

Water and utilities, Wifi usage charges and consumables (toilet paper, cleaning equipment for common spaces) are included in the common service fee.
However, please prepare the consumables for your own personal use by yourself.

Q17:Is there any cost to move out?

In principle, there is no special fee, but please note the following

Regardless of the condition of the residence prior to moving in, please clean the air conditioner, wipe the floor with water, empty the floor, and remove trash. If you have not done so sufficiently, the deposit will not be refunded. In addition, if any personal belongings or trash are left behind, you will be required to pay for their disposal.

Q18:What happens to the rent if the move-in or move-out date is not at the beginning or end of the month?

For occupancy periods that are less than one month of moving in and out, rent is paid on a prorated basis. The number of days in the month is calculated as 30 days. Calculated by rounding up to the nearest 1000 yen.
Example: When moving in from January 20
January 20-January 31: Monthly rent / 30 days x 12 days rent.
After February 1st: Please pay the monthly rent.

Q19:Does the rent and common service fee of each room change depending on the season?

The rent of each room may change depending on the business content and time of year.
The rent at the time of guidance and at the time of deposit may differ, such as when the reservation deposit is deposited several months after the guidance, but in that case the rent at the time of deposit will be applied.
Please contact us immediately after depositing the reservation fee.
The common service fee will basically change regardless of the time of move-in, depending on the management details and the utility bill.