we opened the share house “International Sharehouse Marche” with a full-scale coworking space Sobani Omusubi in April 2021.

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Marche is a share house attached to a coworking space (SobaniOmusubi Residents of each share house can use the coworking space free of charge

Located in the sea and mountain town of Yamate in Kobe, we have renovated a building that was previously used as a summer resort (villa). The theme is “Wa Resort”

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Surrounded by wooden furniture and a wooden deck, you can live naturally. I imagined such a life and renovated with a share house designer. It boasts a full living room and a large garden.

We fully renovated a house in a place with a panoramic view of Kobe. All the rooms are sunny and overlook the city of Kobe and the Seto Inland Sea. You can also enjoy the view from the wooden deck adjacent to the living room, and enjoy a unique time.

A share house was born in the center of Kita-ku, Kobe, a 2-minute walk from the development of Suzurandai Station. The theme is “founding”. In addition to the living room, a soundproof Skype booth and an independent space for meetings and work were prepared to make it easier for business people to work.


The theme of the share house is “to the sea”

Komagabayashi, where the house is located, used to have an institution that welcomes foreign messengers, and has long been a place with connections with foreign countries. In this place near the sea and overseas, I hope that you can freely and magnificently think about the future and leave a lot of memories while interacting with people from various backgrounds.

The facility also has an “atelier” that can be used by local groups, and can also be used by sharemates.


We operate a share house for single women and single mothers with the concept of having children grow up in a warm environment and feel the importance of their families.

The International Sharehouse Group has decided to operate a new share house for single mothers with the concept of having children grow up in a warm environment and feel the importance of the family. Each room on the 2nd floor is rented out to single mothers and children, and the 1st floor is a play room for children, a working room for mothers, and a shared living room. Smile Lion has a wish that mothers and children should always smile and live strongly.

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A share house “LEMON” for single women and single mothers has opened 30 seconds on foot from Citrus.
Since it is a 30-second walk from Citrus, you can share and live with each other like a “big family”, such as taking care of children, cooking, and worries. We are proud of the cute private rooms that are likely to appear in anime.

This share house is jointly operated by a single mother. For more information, please check the link below.