Q:What is a share house like?

It is a rental house that has a shared space that can be shared, apart from your own room. Our share house basically shares a water supply.

I think you will be able to spend a lot of time with people you can’t meet in your daily life and discover many new things. You can enjoy a warm life with good morning, good night, and thank you.

Q:What is the difference between International Sharehouse and other sharehouses?

International Sharehouse has three differences from other sharehouses.

The first is not to simply rent a room, but to provide a warm atmosphere and a mechanism for socializing, aiming to be a share house that will satisfy your body and soul.

Second, as a share house in the design city of Kobe, which has been certified by UNESCO, we are creating a stylish space with share house designer Yuta Otani, making it a space that makes you want to invite friends.

The third is an environment that supports new things. The owner himself has the experience of starting a share house business without any money or connections. Therefore, we have created a support system so that people who want to work on new things can consult and start a challenge.

Q:Do you have a private room?

All rooms in this share house are private with a lock.

Q:Can I bring my family, friends and lovers into the room?

You can invite your family, friends and lovers to your room. Be sure to notify the group line in advance.

When staying, the first night is free, and after the second night, we charge 500 yen per night.

Also, when using the shared area, please consider greetings to other residents and bringing souvenirs.

Q:Do you have any inconvenience when you share a bath, shower or toilet and are used by other people?

We have prepared shared facilities for each house and the number of residents. In addition, residents have different lifestyle rhythms, so there are few troubles where it is difficult to use due to overlapping use times. However, since there are also the following people, we try to make a smooth change in the night and early morning when it tends to be crowded, and to clean it by yourself after use.

Q:What are the expenses (initial cost and rent) for moving in?

Reservation fee, common area fee, and rent. The timing of each payment is as follows.

Deposit 30,000 yen / Once when making a reservation (However, if you lived for 6 months or more, return 20,000 yen when you move out)

⇒The deposit will be applied to the deposit after moving in. We will refuse the move-in of the next person who wants to move in when we get the deposit, so we will not refund the deposit for any reason.

・Common fee 12,000 yen/month (water supply, utilities, Wifi usage fee)

・Rent set for each room/month

Q:Are the expenses for water, utilities, Wifi usage fees and consumables included in the monthly payment?

Water and utilities, Wifi usage charges and consumables (toilet paper, cleaning equipment for common spaces) are included in the common service fee.

However, please prepare the consumables for your personal use by yourself.

Q:Do you have a deposit or key money?

No deposit or key money is required. You will be required to pay a deposit of 30,000 yen at the time of booking, but if you live for 6 months or more, we will return 20,000 yen if there is no damage to the equipment when you move out.

Q:Is there a cheap way to move in?

Depending on the building, there may be a campaign such as rent half price. Please check the status of the campaign on this website or contact us directly.

In addition, we may ask you to be a manager, or you may be asked to do DIY and other work with a reward.

Q:What happens to the rent if the move-in or move-out date is not at the beginning or end of the month?

For occupancy periods that are less than one month of moving in and out, rent is paid on a prorated basis.

Example: When moving in from January 20

January 20-January 31: Monthly rent / 31 days x 12 days rent.

After February 1st: Please pay the monthly rent.

Q:What kind of shared facilities are there?

There are kitchen, bathroom, shower, toilet, washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioner, TV, iron, etc.

We also prepare frying pans, pots, plates and cups.

Since the equipment and quantity of equipment installed vary depending on the property, we recommend that you check directly when visiting.

Q:At least what should I bring in?

We have air conditioners, desks, chairs and bed frames in our private rooms. However, the bed frame is not equipped with a mat. Please prepare your own mattress or mattress and comforter.

In addition, the storage space conditions vary from room to room, so we recommend that you check directly when visiting.